“Throughout it all, you can hear Santino’s unique style and energy” - The Beast 

"Santino’s voice vibrates with warmth and a husky growl that we’ve heard in the likes of Eddie Vedder and Chris Robinson” - Amnplify 

Sydney-based pop-rock artist Santino Salvadore is leaning toward a different sound in 2022. Best known as an “outside of the box entertainer” - his stage presence is a one of the tricks that he pulls out of his hat… You’re bound to be drawn into his performance.

Santino embraces genres of music such as Rock-Pop, Indie-Rock, Punk-Rock .
His lyrics are honest, sparkly while at the same time holding deep wisdom - you’ll find his view of life throughout his brightest and darkest experiences of his journey so far.

Using his talented song-writing skills, Santino is able to express the beautiful gift of humanity, affection and friendship through his music and evocative lyrics.

This is a process he has been dedicated to since he first started playing the guitar as a young 15 year old in his native Sicily. At age 18 he headed to Edinburgh, Scotland where his talents continued to grow in and around the backdrop on the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

His next stop was Sydney, Australia where his song-writing skills bloomed and developed even more, culminating in the release of 3 studio EPS and 6 singles between the UK + Australia.

Santino Salvadore collaborated for the first time with Lili Alaska for the latest single "when the roots are deep" which is out now!

Written with his consummate honesty and passion for life, this song is yet another fine example of Santino using his life experiences to deliver a stunning combination of music and poetry for his growing fan base across the globe.